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People who are location independent fall between the cracks, without proper access to insurance or national safety nets. Safety Wing know this because they are nomads themselves.


To solve this, they are building a global social safety net tailored to the needs of online freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote companies. 

Travel medical insurance. They cover people from all over the world, while outside their home country.


  1. Travel medical - Access a qualified global network of hospitals and doctors for unexpected medical problems and accidents. Includes coverage for: Doctors, Hospitals, Emergency medical evacuation.

  2. Travel - Includes coverage for: Travel delay, Lost checked luggage, Emergency response & natural disasters, Personal liability.


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Humaans is a smart employee database designed to help businesses collect, store and leverage their people data. Designed for small and medium-sized organisations looking for a modern, fast and intuitively designed solution, Humaans will help collect, store and best leverage people’s data.

I am personally a fan of intuitive, simple, yet user-friendly and engaging tools to facilitate our work in the HR field.

Humaans comes with a wealth of features to support your every day people operations needs:


🎒 Onboarding & Offboarding employees

👪 A beautiful people directory with fast search

📂 Public & private employee profile view

🎉 Events tab with key upcoming dates

📅 Time off and absence management

🗄️ Unlimited employee document storage

⚙️ Calendar and Slack integrations


And many little things to make your day to day more efficient – cross-functional team labels, document expiry notifications, visibility on the local time of the remote and distributed teams and much more.

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Helio Consultancy's core specialty is technical recruitment for the pharma industry. They hire for Contract and Staff roles across all levels (Graduate to Executive) in all disciplines:

  • Engineering (Commissioning, Qualification, Validation, Automation, Process, Equipment, Maintenance)

  • QA

  • QC

  • Reg. Affairs

  • Manufacturing/Operations

  • Inspection

  • Packaging

  • Operational Excellence

  • Warehouse

  • Supply Chain/Planning

  • Product Development

  • Training

In addition to this, they also provide:


  • Corporate Wellness & Productivity packages – providing a holistic approach to health, well-being and productivity using cutting-edge of what exists in coaching/health/wellness. Their director Aidan Hickey is an ICF accredited coach and is also Ireland's first Biohacking Coach (the science of using fast and healthy ways to upgrade your Biology).

  • Health & Safety – utilising cutting edge Behaviour Design techniques from Stanford University to ensure greater employee compliance with safety procedures, thus improving both individual and collective site safety metrics.

  • Assistance with Critical Skills Employment Permit (Visa) Applications

  • Short-term contracts 

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